Helping Boys & Girls Clubs Make a Difference

Through their programs, Boys & Girls Clubs help millions of young people, particularly those in need, become conscientious, healthy, successful members of their communities. The same way BGCA makes a difference in children’s lives, Affinity Nonprofits has a 35-year history of positively impacting the nonprofit sector by serving their insurance needs. We are happy to announce our partnership with BGCA & Arch Insurance Company, rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company, to offer a suite of Property & Casualty (P&C) and Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability (including Employment Practices Liability) products to Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the country.Together we are providing a competitively priced insurance program with coverage that meets the new membership requirements (including sexual misconduct coverage) as communicated by BGCA, helping Clubs that are the cornerstone of our communities.

Action Needed – for Clubs currently part of the BGCA-Recognized D&O Liability Insurance Program with AIG Insurance Company:

As noted above, BGCA is changing its D&O Liability Insurance Program Administrator to Affinity Nonprofits. If you are insured through the previous Administrator and through AIG, you will receive information in the mail detailing this change. Action is required on your part. To continue to participate in the Program you will need to complete a Broker of Record letter. To comply, simply follow the instructions you receive in the mail and email communications that will be sent in the beginning of January 2018. This should be completed as soon as possible in order for your Club to continue to benefit from the features of the Program and for Affinity Nonprofits to begin handling your D&O insurance. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Tharpe at 800-432-7465 ext. 8561 or email jason.tharpe@affinitynonprofits.com or socialservice@affinitynonprofits.com.

Product Portfolio ǀ BGCA-Recognized Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Program

Directors & Officers Liability | Employment Practices Liability | Fiduciary Liability

Property & Casualty Insurance Program

General Liability | Professional Liability | Abuse & Molestation | Property | Automobile | Crime | Inland Marine | Excess Liability

Program Details & Applications

A quick snapshot of the program's focus, services, and exclusive product portfolio.

D&O Program HighlightsP&C Program Highlights

A detailed listing of the coverage found on the BGCA-recognized D&O Liability Insurance policy.

D&O Program HighlightsD&O Betterments Sheet

Apply for Directors & Officers Liability and/or Property & Casualty Insurance

Click here for our easy Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Simply send an email to socialservice@affinitynonprofits.com with the following information:

Property & Casualty Insurance

  1. Updated ACORD application
  2. Your completed new business supplemental application
  3. Statement of Values (SOV)
  4. Three (3) years of carrier loss runs

Directors & Officers Liability Program (including D&O/Employment Practices Liability/Fiduciary)

If you are currently in the BGCA D&O program with AIG, action is required. Please click here for instructions to change your broker of record.

New applicants should follow the steps below:

  1. Link to D&O Liability application(or your current insurance carrier application)
  2. Three (3) years of carrier loss runs

Application Instructions

In order for you to continue to participate in the BGCA Endorsed Management Liability Insurance Program, you need to issue a Broker of Record letter to the current insurance carrier, AIG.

To effect the Broker of Record, action is required on your part.

Please click here to obtain the wording for the Broker of Record letter that is to be placed on your Club letterhead reflecting the policy number shown above.

The Broker of Record letter should be completed with your current policy information and sent to Affinity Nonprofits as soon as possible in order for you to continue to benefit from the features of the Insurance Program and to take advantage of the insurance program specifically designed for Boys and Girls Clubs and for Affinity to begin handling your account.

You can choose to either email the Broker of Record letter to Affinity Nonprofits at dnocustomerservice@affinitynonprofits.com or fax it to 800-701-1982. Upon receipt, Affinity Nonprofits will confirm the change to you.

Call or have your insurance agent/broker call with questions or email questions or your current submission today for a competitive quote.



Spotlight ǀ DIRECTORS & OFFICERS Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

‘D&O’ helps protect a Club's management against a wide range of litigation; from negligence in the performance of duties to poor managerial decisions and improper use of donor contributions.

Employment Practices Liability

‘EPLI’ helps protect BGCA management from employee allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, failure to promote, negligent evaluation and more.

Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciary Liability helps protect BGCA management from claims alleging negligence in the administration of employee benefit programs as imposed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Total Insurance Solutions for the Nonprofit Community

Unique Focus

Our staff works exclusively with nonprofits giving us a deep understanding of their unique needs

Commitment to Excellence

We continually upgrade our programs to provide clients with superlative coverage and service

Experience that Matters

Our level of expertise helps us guide our clients in making smart coverage decisions

Competitive Pricing

Knowing nonprofits’ budgetary restraints we offer competitively priced insurance programs and products

Financial Stability

Arch Insurance is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best, placing them among the elite insurers in the U.S.

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